Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Quilt

After many years, I finally got inspired to create a LOST quilt. LOST is my favorite television show of all time. As an avid quilter, what better way to pay homage to it than by making a quilt!

The center is the much seen LOST logo. I surrounded it with ocean fabric to illustrate that they are on an island. The character portraits are on a green background to represent the jungle and the highlights from the first four seasons are on a sand-colored fabric to represent the beach.

This is in the preliminary stage...just the top is completed. It still needs to be quilted. This is how I got to this stage: I printed images I found on various fan sites on specially treated fabric. I then added a fusible paper product to "glue" down the photos. I am now securing them down by satin stitching around the edges.

This quilt is not for sale, and is for my own personal use. The photos depicted on it are in the public domain, having been downloaded from various fan sites. Therefore, it is not in violation of any copyright law. (Hubby suggested I say this to make things clear!)